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Ad Management/Tracking

From the very beginning stages of creative concepts and innovative design inception right on through to our back-end service, ValueAd is your ultimate answer to your discerning online marketing needs.

EzReservation.net offers a team of quality marketers, designers and engineers, all with a proven and solid track record of always delivering the very best! We will work closely with you to custom design the solutions for your unique needs. We pay very careful attention to brand and will firmly establish all of the exact elements needed to create your effective online presence.

We offer:
  • Micro-sites
  • Jump Pages
  • Sweepstakes Development
  • Webmercials
  • PowerAds
  • HTML e-mails
  • Rich Media Enhancement HTML e-mails
  • Animated Banners and Skyscrapers
  • Audio and Video Banners and Skyscrapers
  • HTML and Rich Media Banners and Skyscrapers
  • Total BackEnd solutions
  • Software and Database Development (ColdFusion, C++, PHP, Visual Basic, ASP, HTML Oracle, Mysql, MS SQL)
  • Virtual Tours
  • Web site creation
  • Design and Hosting
  • Copywriting
  • Editorial Consulting
  • Online and Print Marketing
  • E-Business Strategy
Look to EzReservation.net for your many creative needs! You will receive expert attention and results! We will be your voice to ensure that you will receive the exposure that you need most. We specialize in helping small to medium sized discerning businesses both in print and online. All of our services are uniquely coordinated to bring our clients a seamless process from beginning to end. From computer programming to web site design and to writing and marketing - our solution is most cost-effective for you!

Ad Management

EzReservation.net provides a sophisticated ad serving software solution . Our ad Management solution will greatly simplify the process of managing and rotating banners on your web site(s). Many advertisers are reluctant to purchase ad space unless you can provide them with a means of tracking their impressions and click-through rates. Our ad management solution does all this and more.