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EZReservation.net offers fully managed web hosting for clients in and outside the hospitality industry. Being a division of Emerson Communications Corporation gives us the ability to host your site(s) as well as offer you our Booking Engine. All the sites in our facility are hosted on Windows 2003 Servers. You can contact our hosting department for pricing.

Servers - We host using Dual 2.8Ghz Zeon Servers running Windows 2003. Our servers have up to 2 GB of ECC memory and many are hotswappable.

Redundancy- Built from the ground up utilizing all the latest redundancy features like: Diesel Generators, DC power to provide conditioned power to the IP floor. Our redundant Cisco routers utilize BGP4 protocol to provide redundant service through our multiple providers. All of our servers utilize RAID for maximum data availability. All systems are backed up through a daily, weekly and incremental offsite- backup system.

Security - Network security is a priority and includes but is not limited to the following: Redundant firewalls that stop most attacks before they start. Each of our servers are loaded with an early warning intrusion detection system that is automatically updated each time a new security flaw is discovered worldwide. Physical security is also of the utmost importance to our network. We have in place many of the latest security measures, including: fire detection and suppression and closed circuit cameras monitoring every square foot of our facility.

Connectivity - Our backbone border routers are Juniper M20's and our fully redundant switching layer comprises a certified six pack design of Cisco™ 6500 series switches. All customer access switches in the datacenter, and there are hundreds of them, are Cisco™ 2950 series switches designed for maximum performance and uptime availability. Our Facilities backbone provider list running the BGP4 protocol is listed below.

Verio - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Sprint - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Level 3 - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Abovenet - 2 x GigE Connection (2000Mbps)
MCI / UUNET - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Global Crossing - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)
Allegiance Telecom - 2 x GigE Connection (2000Mbps)
Time Warner Telecom - 1 x GigE Connection (1000Mbps)

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