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Website Design Services

We have a reputation for creating thoughtfully designed websites that really do justice to our clients' businesses.

We take pride in delivering solutions which present information in a clear, concise way and encourage users to take further action - perhaps placing an order online or completing a request for further information. We strongly believe in the principles of good design and take care to ensure that sites are easy to navigate .

Each website is optimised to be search engine friendly utilising keywords and phrases your customers are most likely to use to find your site. We manually submit every website to the major search engines.

Our websites can incorporate Virtual Tours, data capture, database integration, online booking systems, shopping carts, interactive maps, Flash and Java.

"Search Engine Optimized by Design"
EzReservation.net differentiates itself from most of the competition because our websites are optimized for search engines in the design phase. Careful attention to detail is paid to make these sites appeal to online surfers as well as to search engines.

Hotel Website Design Services
EzReservation.net provides a comprehensive hotel website solution for a single property or an entire chain. Our website solutions are designed to be easy to use, quick to download, and most importantly easy for guests to find on the search engines. Our new proprietary website management tools insure that your hotel website has the latest technology. When new features are developed, they are automatically added to your website.

Website Management & Support
Our unique website management tools enable real-time website updates without the need for any technical assistance to ensure that your website remains current and accurate. It is simple, secure and easy-to-use. Our support team keeps your website current with any picture/graphic updates.

Hotel Search Engine Optimization
EzReservation.net includes a highly focused and comprehensive search engine optimization & submission program to ensure that your website will be highly ranked in the major search engines. We optimize individual website pages to target specific market segments to increase search engine visibility. Our goal is to have your website listed in the top positions of major search engines to leverage the amount of traffic your website receives.

Linking Research & Acquisition Program
Strategic link opportunities are essential to increasing traffic to your website. The higher the number of qualified links to your website, the greater your traffic will be. In addition, link popularity is extremely important for higher search engine rankings.

PPC Campaign Management Programs (Pay-Per-Click)
Search Engine Advertising is an extremely cost-effective way for targeting qualified traffic and delivering them to your hotel website. This unique form of search engine advertising with Overture and Google means that your hotel website can be guaranteed to appear in the top results on Google, MSN, Yahoo and more. You determine a budget, select keywords to bid on and only pay when someone clicks on your listing.

E-mail Marketing
Our online e-mail marketing system is a secure, easy to use marketing tool that provides your hotel with a cost effective and profitable way to capture, maintain and market to an e-mail database of current guests. Create e-mail-marketing campaigns to promote guest loyalty and track the results in real-time.

360 Degree Virtual Tours
The 360 Degree Virtual tours are a highly effective way to increase your website sales. This technology allows your website visitors to look around the hotel just as if you were standing there. L.E.T. Group works with two top virtual tour companies to provide two quality options. L.E.T Group also offers an optional virtual tour distribution program that enables you to distribute your hotel virtual tour on the internet's top travel sites such as Orbitz and Travelocity.

Hotel Audio Voiceovers
Adding professional audio voiceovers to your website can help increase sales conversions. The technology streams your sales audio instantly as a visitor logs on to or clicks to a web page.

Hotel Internet Training & Consulting
Do you have a regional or annual meeting planned this year with your hotels? Do you need to get your hotels trained so they understand how to use internet marketing more effectively? Our internet training will help you increase your direct online sales.