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Online Booking Engine Features

Room Types:
Up to 10 room types included in the base price.

Rates & Availabilities:
Real time functionality - your changes show up immediately.

Inventory Notification:
You set the inventory level and EZReservation sends you an E-Mail when it goes below that level.

Dynamic Rates:
Raise or lower the nightly rate based on the number of nights requested. Give a discount to guests staying longer or add some money to offset the cost of those short stays. This will pay for your cost of this system in only a few reservations.

Closed To Arrival:
Close off any days to arrivals. This helps eliminate holes in your inventory.

Promotion Rate Codes:
Unlimited promotion rate codes in the base price. You create the code and set up to 5 periods that it is available. Create special pricing for returning guests, groups, AAA, AARP, Military, etc.

Travel Agent/Affiliate Commissions:
You control what commission each individual agent receives. EZReservation puts in a default commission and you can override it on each and every agency. Create a loyalty program for agents that continuously book your property by giving them a better commission. EZReservation sends you an E-Mail whenever a new agency signs up with your property. You can then send them a thank you E-Mail.

View Reservations:
EZReservation sends you an E-Mail for every booking made online and you can view a copy of that reservation at any time. There is always a backup of each reservation on our servers.

Packages: - optional
Up to 20 items can be offered right after the room is selected to create a custom package. You have the ability to give a discount on the room, based on the dollar amount of additional purchases. You set the amount required and the discount allowed. You have real time control over packages and pricing.

We are Proud to Present V 3.0
of our Hotel Booking Engine!

Powered by ColdFusion Technology
Online Booking Engine

EzReservation.net introduces its state-of-the-art website Booking Engine that is completely integrated in the hotel's website. The engine is built from the ground up in ColdFusion™ technology. The connectivity platform is based on technology standards established by the OTA (Open Travel Alliance) and the adoption of industry technology standards based on the XML Web-services language. Hotels can take advantage of a sophisticated backend to upload promotions and packages. Our unique back-end solution enables hotel owners and managers to efficiently manage and coordinate hotel packages, discounts and specials in real-time, and adjust inventory for effective booking administration via the internet.